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Prism Light Pod – Q&As

Q: What is red-light therapy?
A: Red-light therapy is a FDA-approved natural light therapy for reducing inflammation, pain and accelerating cellular recovery 4-10
times faster than your body’s natural healing process.

Q: How long has red-light therapy been around?
A: RLT has been around since the 1970s, first used by NASA to keep
astronauts healthy while traveling in space.

Q: What is Prism Light Pod?
A: Prism Light Pod is the most-powerful and automated whole-body red-light therapy system in the marketplace for accelerating your healing 4-10 times faster.

Q: How long has Prism Light Pod been around?
A: Prism Light Pod pioneered the whole-body red-light therapy market in the mid-2000s. Prior to Prism, there were only handheld red-light therapy devices that a doctor or chiropractor administered on patients.
The first Prism Light Pod was introduced into the natural health and wellness market in 2017.

Q: What is red-light therapy?
A: RLT is a generic category of photo-cellular or healing with red-light waves. However, there are different solutions in the industry; handheld devices, retrofitted tanning beds and true whole-body photobiomodulation systems, like Prism Light Pod.

Q: I tried red-light therapy at my tanning salon, is this the same thing?
A: No. They are very different. Prism Light Pod is a FDA-cleared medical and industrial-grade whole-body photobiomodulation or cold laser system. It penetrates much deeper than a retrofitted tanning bed that
uses “pink” tube-lights. Prism Light Pod’s deep healing LEDs will deliver true mitochondrial healing for your muscles, tissues, tendons, bones and body cells throughout your body. The retrofitted tanning beds will only provide surface level red-light therapy for anti-wrinkling.

Q: I’ve seen some less expensive red-light therapy beds? How do they compare with the Prism Light Pod?
A: Those beds use fluorescent red LED tube lights that only penetrate the skin layer/epidermis. Fluorescent tube lights are on the hazardous materials list. The Prism Light Pod uses industrial strength red LED lights that directly penetrate into your muscles, deep tissue, tendons and body cells. It has six optimized use cases; the red-light beds only promote anti-wrinkling. (We have a competitive brief to show you the difference if you would like to read more about the differences?)

Q: Cold Laser therapy or photobiomodulation (PBM)?
A: Cold Laser therapy uses specific wavelengths of red LEDs to transmit red-light into the your body to penetrate muscles, deep tissues, tendons, nerves and body cells to accelerate your body’s natural healing process. The FDA classifies cold laser red-light therapy as a Class II system. Prism Light Pod uses red-light waves of 630nm, 660nm and 850nm near infrared LEDs. By staying below 900nms, Prism Light Pod is NOT an infrared heat-based system that is not a cold laser, class II systems. Any device or systems using 900nm wavelengths or higher are classified as infrared by the FDA and class IV systems that has to be administered by a doctor with different levels of certification and insurance. Photobiomodulation is another name for deep red-light therapy or cold laser therapy. Retrofitted tanning beds ARE NOT photobiomodulation

Q: What is the difference between cold lasers and infrared or hot laser therapy?
A: Cold Laser, or LLLT (Low-level-laser therapy) are Class II devices using red LED lights that do not emit heat as a modality. Infrared-light therapy is Class 4 devices that are higher red-light waves and uses heat. Infrared-light therapy must be administered and moved or patients risk being burned. Infrared-light penetrates bone, while cold laser therapy do not. Prism Light Pods are non-invasive, non-fluorescent and non-infrared heat based.

Q: What’s the benefit of a full body light pod vs. a handheld cold laser?
A: They compliment each other. A handheld cold laser device focus on healing one targeted patient area at a time and requires a doctor or chiropractor to administer it on a targeted area, one at a time. It is an
“Attended” service and takes time from the doctor, chiropractor and patient to be treated one area at a time. Conversely, patients lay in the full body light pod and the light therapy benefits their entire body including multiple targeted pain areas. If you have more than one pain area to treat, the handheld requires much more time and attention from the doctor or chiropractor. The Prism Light Pod has six optimized settings and is an “Unattended” service. It does not require a doctor or chiropractor to administer it, and treats a patient’s entire body in 15-minutes. It is a fully automated, optimized, touch less therapy.

Q: Is the Light Pod safe?
A: Yes, the Prism Light Pod is non-invasive, non-fluorescent and non-infrared heat based. It is FDA-cleared and Cold Laser or LLLT therapy has been around since the 1970s beginning with NASA. There are more than 3,500 National Institute of Health articles and studies that support the benefits of red-light therapy. The FDA has approved whole-body cold laser/photobiomodulation systems.

Q: Are there any contraindications for using the light pod?
A: Pregnant women, women breast-feeding and people with active cancer should not lie within the light pod. Patients can cover areas that they don’t want to be exposed to the red LED lights such as wearing a sports bra if they prefer not to lose fat cells within their breast area. Cancer patients must get a permission letter from their doctors to use the light pod. Signing the waiver & consent form and having a doctor’s
letter will provide legal protection for the owners of the Prism Light Pod. It’s up to the owners to protect themselves legally and provide the appropriate general liability insurance for their natural wellness business.

Q: What are the use cases for the light Pod?
A: The Light Pod is optimized for six uses cases: Accelerates Performance Recovery, Arthritis & Joint Pain Relief, Chronic Pain Relief,
Speeds Injury & Wound Healing, Accelerates Weight Loss and Improves Skin Tone & Anti-Aging.

Q: How many Light Pod sessions are needed before seeing results?
A: Patients have seen performance recovery and pain relief after a few 25-minute light pod sessions. We recommend 3 weekly treatments for the Prism uses cases and ongoing preventative maintenance.

Q: Are there any side effects from the Red-light Therapy?
A: Patients will feel positive effects after one or more sessions. Patients may feel euphoric after lying in the light pod due to stimulating endorphins. Others, may feel relaxes. Patients usually sleep very well after using the light pod. Studies show no negative side effects from cold laser or LLLT usage. However, positive impact from reduced stress, less fatigue, improved energy, weight-loss and fewer wrinkles were seen within patients. Results may vary based upon patient health conditions.